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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quite a bit of hoopla in St. Louis the last few days, culminating in the resignation of Democratic State Senator Jeff Smith and Democratic State Rep. Steve Brown, both for allegedly lying to Federal Election Commission investigators. They had been questioned over their ties to Milton "Skip" Ohlsen III, who orchestrated a series of unflattering fliers that were circulated during the 2004 Democratic primary election that against eventual winner Russ Carnahan.

Skip Ohlsen is quite the interesting figure, having hobnobbed with former Governor Bob Holden and many other high-ranking Democratic officials. However, he has quite the criminal background including a felony drug violation, and has recently been implicated in the bombing that took place in October of 2008 in an office parking garage in Clayton, MO. Apparently, he was attempting to knock off his wife's divorce lawyer, but bombed the wrong car and severely injured and disfigured another lawyer by mistake.

Sounds like a great guy to hire to work on your campaign! One can never say that politics is boring...


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