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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The life of a conservative professor in academia. It sounds like a real struggle. Still, I'm glad a few of them are out there, even if they are a little less free with their opinions than most of their other colleagues. My college education would have been far worse otherwise. Same goes for high school. I distinctly remember during the '96 election, it was announced at my high school that a poll of the faculty had been taken of their preferences for president. And the vote was something like 80 to 1. And everyone knew who the one teacher was, and she was written off for being uneducated (she was the chorale teacher). Of course, my favorite teacher told me privately he hadn't given his opinion, because he already knew what the results would be, and didn't want to stick out. And I have no doubt that the atmosphere at most schools are quite similar. Sad that this is the environment in which youth must try and find themselves politically. What is amazing is that half the country still figures things out for themselves.


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