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Saturday, January 02, 2010

More insanity from the Obama Administration, this time giving INTERPOL official immunity on US soil, as well as freedom from FOI requests. Our president has just handed over more sovereignty to the "international community" that so fecklessly tried to get Great Britain to arrest Israeli government officials at the urging of Iran for alleged war crimes.

Next, Obama will be allowing American soldiers and statesmen to be charged by the kangaroo ICC, which is famous for politicized show trials for charges brought by dictatorial regimes against foreign enemies that they cannot otherwise strike. And INTERPOL isn't quite the noble agency one might think either, having had plenty of scandals over the years themselves. Now, they can practically pull rank on the FBI within the United States. And all through a sneaky executive order that was never announced or addressed publicly. There will be much work to do to re-secure the country when this Administration ends.


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