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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Left's obsession with the Koch brothers is really getting ridiculous. The Weekly Standard has a nice response to the scathing New Yorker piece from last year that has informed much of the hatred from major lefties (despite containing enough inaccuracies and innuendo to fill a supermarket tabloid).

I find it hard to believe that two men who routinely give tens of millions of dollars to charity every year are so vilified. Especially when they have been supporting free market economics for over thirty years, not just since Obama has been elected. Throw in their opposition to foreign wars, belief in gay rights and advocacy of drug legalization, and you start to wonder how these guys are such big targets today. But the Left needs someone to vilify. They need their two minute hates, like at the anti-Koch protest outside a Koch-sponsored conference in California earlier this year, where some protesters advocated lynching some Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Scalia for being Koch pawns. Somehow they became an issue is the Wisconsin union protests too.

I suppose it was inevitable, with George Soros funding every progressive cause under the sun, that lefties would start looking for a corollary on the right. And I guess the Kochs fit the bill, but it seems to be a pretty big stretch to me.


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