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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did you hear that Louis Farrakan spoke at UC-Berkeley last week? He spoke at the invitation of an "Afrikan" student group holding a conference, which apparently canceled out the fact that a known racist was speaking on one of the most PC campuses in the country. Now, if Ann Coulter had tried to speak, they would have had to call in the riot police from Oakland to control the protests that would have ensued. But Farrakan had no problem giving his keynote address.

Still, some of the students were apparently not too pleased that a devout anti-Semite (not to mention a homophobe and a misogynist) was invited to speak on campus. And he delivered in that department as well, urging his mostly black audience to make friends with the Jews who control the government and the media to get ahead in life, while urging them to buy his latest book, with details on how the Jews controlled the slave trade in centuries past. Odious and almost unbelievable. But the fact that his visit wasn't met with more of an outcry says a lot more about UC-Berkeley than it does about Farrakan. We know where he stands.

One would think Berkeley would be more concerned about their reputation world-wide, but then maybe they were sending a message here too. They even addressed the outcry in a cryptically muddled declaration that never actually condemned Farrakan's visit, expressing hope that the "experience" was hopefully "educational" about the need for respecting "the principles of community". Right.


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