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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Richard Epstein dissects The Obamacare Quagmire, highlighting all the variable and unknown situations that could dramatically alter the functioning of health care provision in the United States. And it appears many of these changes could be unintended consequences (unless the intention was to wreck the system) of vaguely written laws. So while Democrats pat themselves on the back over no denials for pre-existing conditions and expanded mental health and birth control coverage (noble causes, no doubt), the damage to federal and state budgets, not to mention employer provided health plans and especially the insurance companies actually providing the coverage could well be immeasurable. And it is amazing how many facets of enaction and ultimate cost remain completely unknown, depending on how various levels of government read and interpret certain provisions of the law. One can't help but wonder how the CBO was able to score such a bill at all, unless 90% of their figures were just basically guesses.


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