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Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Well, the Palestinians have had their "election" with the result that organized terrorists that actively promote genocide will now have a greater role in ruining any chance of peace between Israel and Palestine. Who do we have to thank for this? How about Yasser Arafat, who could have had peace but prefered a constant state of war as his legacy. Too bad he got to die humanely in a hospital, and not like some of his victims. Call me sadistic, but he truly deserved the Mussolini treatment. Speaking of Mussolini, how about those Iranian theocrats? Who do you think really bankrolled the Hamas electoral victory, anyhow? Think how much better the world would be right now if we had actually removed Saddam from power back in '91 and gone after the Iranians in 2003? This is what we get for letting the UN dictate things, because the lowest common denominators carry the day(thing Cameroon and China). Too bad Bush 41 had no spine back then and didn't finish things off when he should have. He has the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi Shiites on his hands as a result, since he called on them to revolt to support an invasion that never happened. That is also why Saddam drained the Tigris-Euphrates delta marshland, arguably one of the worst ecological disasters in history. And something that US forces are working hard on repairing. In fact, over three quarters of that area has again been flooded and will hopefully return to its natural state, allowing the Marsh Arabs to return home. Too bad the angry left is too busy protesting the war to notice this environmental victory. But getting back to the Palestinians, how about all those great pictures of masked gunmen parading through the streets and storming the Palestinian "parliament". Democracy is definitely a process, but this is only the first baby step, in my view. And that is probably a backwards step.
And in the Mad and getting madder dept., we of course have John Kerry, who flew back from palavering in French in Switzerland to announce his quixotic filibuster of Sam Alito, who apparently wasn't a Skull and Bones member. I wish he would tell us who he would have nominated instead, so we could all remember what a bullet the country dodged in the last election. Think Ruth Bader Ginsgurg times ten, and we are probably getting close.
I guess Sam Alito wasn't born rich and privileged like Kerry, so he can't understand the underclass. I love how Kerry just ignores that Alito has actually voted more on the pro-choice side than the pro-life, which wouldn't make sense given the Democrats' hysteria during the Judiciary Committee hearings. Want to convince a liberal friend that their side is bereft of ideas(and ideals)? Just sit them down for ten straight hours of C-SPAN coverage of the Alito hearings. You may have to do it Clockwork Orange style to get them to actually watch it, but hopefully they won't be able to listen to Teddy speak again without becoming violently ill. Now there is a good idea for a college course!! Someone get the President of Harvard on the line...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Some thoughts on the last few days...

Well, I have gone through a few headlines and I think this has been a good week for the conservative movement. We have had an anti-entitlement candidate step forward for House Majority Leader; currently he's the fourth ranking member, I believe. He is John Shadegg of Arizona, and he makes more sense to me than the other candidates, and I am from Missouri, where our decrepit road system could sure use some governmental largesse. If Roy Blunt wins, our state will benefit, but it seems the country will be worse off. He is just too close to the Abramoff scanfal and to Tom DeLay. I've got to back Shadegg.
How about some deep thoughts? Peggy Noonan over at the Wall Street Journal always has some, and today she lays out some of her best thinking(http://www.opinionjournal.com/columnists/pnoonan/?id=110007835). She basically lays it on the line for the leaders of the conservative movement, to step up and make sure that the Republican Party is clean, because it is obvious that the Democrats cannot be trusted with the leadership of this country. In fact, she lays out the supposed ideals of the Republican Party:
"That it regain a sense of its historic mission. That it stop seeming the friend of the wired and return to being the great friend of Main Street, for Main Street still, in its own way, exists. That it return to basic principles on spending, regulation and state authority. That it question a foreign policy that often seems at once dreamy and aggressive, and question, too, an overreaching on immigration policy that seems composed in equal parts of naiveté and cynicism. That its representatives admit that lunching with lobbyists is not the problem; failing to oppose the growth of government--so huge that no one, really no one, knows what is in its budget--is. That they reduce the size and power of government. That they help our country."
You should do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.
In other news, Senate Minority Leader Reid chose to apologize for the fact that his office issued a report which criticized Republicans for being complicit in the Abramoff scandal. This was mainly because he has taken money associated with Abramoff himself. That hasn't stopped the other Dems in the Senate, though. However, this whole lobbying scandal reflects the greater problems of porkbarrel spending and influence peddling, two concerns that continue to worsen every year, with most parts of the government involved in some fashion or another. The whole system needs to recommit itself to making sure things function as ethically clean as possible, although with money and human nature involved, these problems will never completely disappear.
Oh, and maybe you saw something about that new Bin Laden tape? It concerns me, but not really. We kill three of his lieutenants and all the sudden he wants to talk about a truce? Now I just wish the Democrats and the ACLU would explain why we shouldn't check out random phone calls to and from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq. Seems like a good idea to me, particularly if the crazies over there want to threaten more violence against our country. At least France has suddenly realized that they have cojones too, and Chirac said so in no uncertain terms, threatening nuclear retaliation against the suspected originator of a terrorist attack against France. Now if we can only get them to care about Spain and the UK, and maybe the US, then we will be getting somewhere. The world will have to deal with the Iran situation, or things will get very messy in a hurry once they go nuclear. The more countries involved, the easier it will be, and the easier it will be to win or get the Iranian radicals to back way the hell down. The world can survive an oil shortage again, but a nuclear exchange over the world's oil supply would be unimaginably worse.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Democratic Foolishness

Well, the hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. Ted Kennedy is always at the forefront of this movement, feigning outrage over allegations that are most assuredly more true for himself than for whoever they are directed against. He basically called Samuel Alito a racist and a bigot for his membership in a coalition of concerned Princeton alumni, because some of them opposed affirmative action. Yet Ted has no problem fraternizing with Robert Byrd, a former KKK member. Guilty by association, anyone? Then, it coincidentally comes to light that Senator Kennedy is a dues paying member of a Harvard Club for men only known as the Owl's Club. He then publicly withdraws his membership. Oh, but Sam Alito is still sexist and racist, right? Quite galling, but oh so typical for the loony lefties.
Moving right along the news headlines we come to one Albert Gore, Jr., who, despite having proved since 2000 that he is off his rocker, would like to again prove for certain that he is, in fact, completely and irretrievably off his rocker. While hyperventilating about President Bush's wiretaps of suspected al-Qaeda communications, Gore completely ignores his own complacency in executive powers run amok. Between the illegal fund raising scandals, the Chinese fund raising / intelligence leaking scandals, and the usage of the FBI to monitor political enemies, Al Gore has very little leeway to complain about any one else's ideas of presidential power. The whole idea of a security clearance was antithetical to the Clinton White House. In fact, the director of White House security himself could not pass the clearance checks. Did it matter? What do you think?
After dear old Ted and loony young Al, you have chameleonesque Hillary, with her rantings about President Bush on MLK day. Talk about remembering your heroes, like she has any. Hopefully she will keep up her pandering to the angry left, as that will only assure her complete and utter humiliation on election day in 2008. You'd think she would realize this at some point, but what's that saying about zebras showing their stripes?
Well, I could obviously go on, but I won't, because you get the point. The loony lefties are truly living in their own little worlds. Let's hope they don't realize it before the next major election.