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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Why are the mainstream media outlets ignoring the Van Jones controversy? Oh right, because they don't care that he is a radical leftist who has pushed crazy conspiracy theories for most of his career. But then, so are most of those in working in the White House, so what is the big deal, really? What is left unsaid as well is how much of this stuff does Obama agree with? I'm guessing a lot of it, or he wouldn't bother to have this nut around. Of course, we aren't allowed to judge him on whom he chooses to associate with...

UPDATE: Van Jones resigned Saturday night at midnight, presumably to avoid media exposure going into next week. Looks like the White House was paying attention to the criticism, even is the media was doing their best to ignore it.

Interestingly, the New York Times announced the resignation today, mentioning "weeks of controversy over his past comments" even though they had never bothered to report on the "controversy" at all. They mention his derogatory comments about Republicans without saying what he said, or even noting that it was explicit.


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