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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Good piece in HuffPo highlighting the seizure issue in Madison County, Illinois with the experiences of a particular individual. The police engage in elaborate "fishing expeditions" designed to circumvent the Fourth Amendment. And when bad evidence spoils cases and federal officials urge for a particular officer's removal, the police union steps in to save his job and put him back on the street. Also, good insight into the world of K9 searches, and how unreliable they really are. These things go on all over the country. And they always prefer to seize the cash on the way out rather than the drugs on the way in, which telsl you quite a bit about what their true incentives are. State legislatures should remove the forfeiture incentives from police seizures, but with state budgets getting slashed, this is one of the only ways for police to make up the shortfall. So don't expect things to change.


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